Motor Tester(MTE)
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Comprehensive Brushless DC Motor Test System

Test machine + tooling; 3-channel Hall waveform test; Three-phase windings DC brushless stator test; Automatic switch between inner- drive motor and outer-drive motor mode for DC brushless machine; Built-in PLC digital interface

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1. Test machine + tooling. After the stator and the whole machine are set up, the tooling is started and docked automatically. The test machine will automatically complete all the test items according to the set process.
2. Resistance balance test for three-phase windings DC brushless stator. 3-channel Hall waveform test.
3. Three-phase windings DC brushless stator test. Simultaneous three-phase back EMF and 3 Hall waveform test; calculate the phase and phase sequence;
4. Automatic switch between inner- drive motor and outer-drive motor mode for DC brushless machine;
5. 1000 test files can be built, test data storage;
6. Built-in PLC digital interface, fast matching with automation lines.
Stator: withstand voltage, insulation, resistance (three-phase resistance balance), inductance, turn-to-turn, three-phase back EMF (peak, rms, phase difference), three Hall waveform (high level, Duty cycle, phase difference). 
Machine: withstand voltage, insulation, resistance (outer drive motor), turn-to-turn (outer drive motor), no load (Vcc, Icc, Vsp), speed (FG or Hall frequency).

AN8352S/AN8352M Specification

Model AN8352S AN8352M
Voltage withstand measurement Output voltage Range: (300 ~ 3000) V AC; Step: 10V
Accuracy: ± (2.5%× setting +10V); Distortion: <3%
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz; Accuracy: ±0.1Hz
Actual capacity ≥90% 
Breakdown current Range: (0.10~20.00) mA
Accuracy: ± (2%× reading +5 words)
Duration Range: (1~99) s; Accuracy: ± (1%× setting +0.1s)
Arc Level- 0 to 9, 0: Arc Off
Insulation measurement Output voltage Range: (200 ~ 1000) V DC; Step: 5V
Accuracy: ± (3%× setting +5V)
Ripple coefficient <5% 
Resistance measurement Range: (1.0 ~ 99.9) MΩ, (100 ~500) MΩ
Accuracy: ± (3%× reading +5 words), ≤200MΩ
± (5%× reading +8 words), >200MΩ
Duration Range: (1~99) s; Accuracy: ± (1%× setting +0.1s)
Turn-to-turn measurement Pulse voltage Range: (500~3000) V; Step: 10V
Accuracy: ± (3%× setting +10V)
Storage capacitance Standard capacitance: 0.022µF
Wavefront time ≤0.5µs
Waveform acquisition Frequency: 5kHz~40MHz, 13-level adjustable. Resolution: 8-bit AD
Storage: 1k bytes. Multiple tests: (1 ~ 10) times continuous
Waveform parameter Area, difference area, range: (0 ~ 99)%
Resolution: 0.1%; Accuracy: ±3.0%
Resistance test Resistance measurement Range: 0.1 ~ 0.2/2/20/200/2k/20k, unit: Ω 
Accuracy: ±(0.3%× reading +3 words) (temperature compensation off)
Temperature measurement Range: (0.0~60.0)℃; Accuracy: ±0.5℃
Inductance test Measurement range 0mH~2000mH -
Resolution 0.001mH -
Measurement frequency 100Hz/1000Hz -
Measurement accuracy ± (0.5%× reading +4 words) -
Back EMF Measurement range 1~100VAC -
Measurement accuracy ± (0.5%× reading +4 words) -
Hall waveform (speed) /FG waveform (Speed) Voltage range (0.50~10.0)V
Voltage accuracy ± (0.5%× reading + 2 words)
Frequency range (10.0~1000.0)Hz
Frequency accuracy ± (0.1%× reading + 1 word)
Speed range (frequency * 60) RPM
Duty cycle Range: (20~80) % Accuracy: ±1% (absolute error)
No load test Voltage - Output range (1-400) VDC
Current - Range: (0~5A~10A)
Accuracy: ± (0.2%× display +0.2%× range)

Order or custom data
Model Withstand voltage Insulation Turn-to-turn Resistance Inductance Back EMF Hall /FG/speed No load Load
AN8352S Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional Optional Optional - -
AN8352M Yes Yes Yes Yes - - Yes Yes Optional

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