Motor Tester(MTE)
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Comprehensive Single/Three-phase Pump (Small and Medium-size

MT3000 Series; One-station test; Single/three-phase; No-load stall; Induction steering; Correction calculation

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1. One-station test: withstand voltage, insulation, turn-to-turn, resistance, single/three-phase power analysis and stall. Complete all tests one time after clamping;
2. Single/three-phase: fast single-phase/three-phase test mode switch through software settings;
3. No-load stall: Test the stall current and power using the buck-start method. Automatic program control of switching of supply voltage, easy to operate, accurate;
4. Induction steering: Non-contact steering test, no alignment/coupling of shafts, loading tools nor stamping reflective paper, simple and reliable;
5. Correction calculation: test three-phase corrected current/power, calculation of three-phase resistance, current balance.

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Model Withstand voltage Insulation Turn-to-turn Resistance Power Stall Steering
AN8221M Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
AN8521M Three-phase cabinet

AN8221M Specification
Model AN8221M
Voltage withstand measurement  Output voltage  Range: (300 ~ 3000) V AC; Step: 10V
Accuracy: ± (2.5%× setting +10V); Distortion: <3%
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz; Accuracy: ±0.1Hz
Actual capacity  ≥90% 
Breakdown current  Range: (0.10~100.00) mA
Accuracy: ± (2.5%× reading +5 words)
Duration Range: (1~99) s; Accuracy: ± (1%× setting +0.1s)
Arc Level- 0 to 9, 0: Arc Off
Insulation measurement Output voltage Range: (200 ~ 1000) V DC; Step: 5V
Accuracy: ± (3%× setting +5V)
Ripple coefficient  <5% 
Resistance measurement  Range: (1.0 ~ 99.9) MΩ, (100 ~500) MΩ 
Accuracy: ± (3%× reading +5 words), ≤200MΩ 
± (5%× reading +8 words), >200MΩ
Duration Range: (1~99) s; Accuracy: ± (1%× setting +0.1s)
Turn-to-turn measurement Pulse voltage Range: (500~3000) V; Step: 10V
Accuracy: ± (3%× setting +10V)
Storage capacitance Standard capacitance: 0.022µF
Wavefront time ≤0.5µs 
Waveform acquisition Frequency: 5kHz~40MHz, 13-level adjustable. Resolution: 8-bit AD
Storage: 1k bytes. Multiple tests: (1 ~ 10) times continuous
Waveform parameter Area, difference area, range: (0 ~ 99)%
Resolution: 0.1%; Accuracy: ±3.0%
Resistance test Resistance measurement Range: 0.1/2/20/200/2k/20k, unit: Ω
Accuracy: ±(0.3%× reading +3 words) (temperature compensation off)
Temperature measurement Range: (0.0~60.0) ℃; Accuracy: ±0.5℃
Power test Number of phases Three-phase
Voltage range 50.0 ~ 460.0V 
Measurement accuracy ± (0.3% x display +0.2% x range);
Current range (0.05~0.99A), (1.00~5.99A), (6.00 ~40.0A), (custom up to 100A)
Measurement accuracy ±(0.3% x display +0.2% x range)
 Active power 1.0 ~ 99.9W ~ 18kW 
Measurement accuracy ±(0.8% x display + 0.2% x range);
Frequency range 45.0 ~ 65.0Hz 
Frequency accuracy  ± (0.1% x display )
Steering Forward/Reverse/Stop

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