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Comprehensive Vacuum Compressor Test System

Optimization of multiple turn-to-turn shocks; Latest vacuum inspection system and pressure keeping system to precisely set, test and maintain vacuum pressure; Beautiful cabinet with superior performance; Built-in intelligent control system

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1. Test compressor stator turn-to-turn (vacuum), withstand voltage, insulation, resistance, inductance, steering for one clamping, and three-phase resistor balance can be calculated and determined.
2. Turn-to-turn features have been fully upgraded from hardware to software:
1) Hardware upgrade for ignition, turn-to-turn ignition capacity improved;
2) Optimized interturn test waveform, reflecting the actual interturn waveform;
3) The test for the small inductance stator has been upgraded. The waveform of the small inductance stator has more periods with better result;
4)Optimization of multiple turn-to-turn shocks, up to 99 continuous shocks can be set. Continuous spark can be produced in continuous shock mode.
3. Latest vacuum inspection system and pressure keeping system to precisely set, test and maintain vacuum pressure.
4. Beautiful cabinet with superior performance, dual-station multi-channel test, optional 21” LCD.
5. The test can be controlled and stopped by keys or gesture, safety grating, efficient and safe operation.
6. Built-in intelligent control system and communication system, fast matching with automation lines, with automation degree fully in line with Industry 4.0.

AN8317S Specification

Model AN8317S 
Voltage withstand measurement Output voltage Range: (300 ~ 3000) V AC; Step: 10V
Accuracy: ± (2.5%× setting +10V); Distortion: <3%
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz; Accuracy: ±0.1Hz
Actual capacity ≥90% 
Breakdown current Range: (0.10~20.00) mA
Accuracy: ± (2.5%× reading +5 words)
Duration Range: (1~99) s; Accuracy: ± (1%× setting +0.1s)
Arc  Level- 0 to 9, 0: Arc Off
Insulation measurement Output voltage Range: (200 ~ 1000) V DC; Step: 5V
Accuracy: ± (3%× setting +5V)
Ripple coefficient <5% 
Resistance measurement Range: (1.0 ~ 99.9) MΩ, (100 ~500) MΩ
Accuracy: ± (3%× reading +5 words), ≤200MΩ
± (5%× reading +8 words), >200MΩ
Duration Range: (1~99) s; Accuracy: ± (1%× setting +0.1s)
Turn-to-turn measurement Pulse voltage  Range: (500~3000) V; Step: 10V
Accuracy: ± (3%× setting +10V)
Storage capacitance Standard capacitance: 0.022µF
Wavefront time ≤0.5µs 
Waveform acquisition Frequency: 5kHz~40MHz, 13-level adjustable. Resolution: 8-bit AD
Storage: 1k bytes. Multiple tests: (1 ~ 10) times continuous
Waveform parameter Area, difference area, range: (0 ~ 99)%
Resolution: 0.1%; Accuracy: ±3.0%
Vacuum pressure 0kpa ~ ‐95 kpa 
Resistance test Resistance measurement Range: 0.1/ 2/20/200/2k/20k, unit: Ω
Accuracy: ±(0.3%× reading +3 words) (temperature compensation off)
Temperature measurement Range: (0.0~60.0)℃; Accuracy: ±0.5℃
Steering Stator magnetic field direction Steering Forward/backward

Order or custom data
Model Withstand voltage Insulation Turn-to-turn Resistance Steering Inductance PLC control
AN8317S(Industrial PC) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional Optional

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