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Bidirectional DC test power supply ANEVT series

Product description: ANEVT series high-precision bidirectional DC test power supply adopts high-frequency PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC conversion technology, FPGA digital control technology, seamless switching between forward an

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  Product description:

  ANEVT series high-precision bidirectional DC test power supply adopts high-frequency PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC conversion technology, FPGA digital control technology, seamless switching between forward and reverse, automatic bidirectional operation, and full-power segment energy feedback grid function. Advanced digital control technology, ultra-high control accuracy, fast response, wider output voltage range, compared with the conventional two-way power supply, can achieve 0V~ full range of high-precision output. Rich programming test function, with different PC software can be used in a variety of applications.

  Product features:

  <1> Grid feedback function: It has two characteristics of power supply and load. Besides the performance of high-power dc power supply, it can realize the load function of energy automatic feedback to the power grid. and has outstanding advantages of energy saving, green environmental protection.

  <2>High precision output: Output voltage and current accuracy (+0.1%F.S). Fast dynamic response: 10% - 90% sudden loading and 90% - 10% sudden unloading output voltage response time is less than 5 ms; +90% ~ -90% forward and reverse switching time ≤ 10ms.

  <3>Mainstream high-frequency PWM rectification control technology, power factor ≥ 0.99, THD and injected harmonic current meet the requirements of national standard GB/T14549-93, high-quality energy feedback grid. ptimized bidirectional DCDC conversion technology, wider output voltage range and adjustable 0V-full range.

  <4> The advanced IGBT parallel technology, meeting the peak power and peak current output of 1.5 times and above the rated value.

  <5> CC, CV, CP three working modes.

  <6> Multiple protection functions: input over-voltage, phase loss, output over-voltage, IGBT over-heating, IGBT over-current, over-temperature protection, short-circuit current limiting protection.

  <7> Built-in EMI filter can well filter out interference signals caused by high frequency switching process.

  <8> Communication and remote control functions: standard CAN, RS232/RS485 communication interface and PC remote control software.

  <9> It has a programmable output slow-rising function.

  <10> Large-screen LCD display, compatible with buttons and touch screen operation, suitable for operation under various harsh working conditions.

  <11>Lock screen (key) function: When the customer does not operate the power for more than 5 minutes, the power will automatically lock the keyboard and touch screen input.

  Product applications:

  Electric vehicle motor, controller test

  Electric vehicle transmission system, powertrain system test

  Special electric vehicle motor, controller, electric vehicle transmission system, powertrain system test

  Fuel cell test

  New energy motor system test

  Ship electric drive, electric drive system test

  Charger, charging pile test

  Battery pack charge and discharge test

  Capacitor, ultracapacitor charge and discharge test

  Energy storage system converter test

  UPS, EPS system test

  Hybrid power test

  Analog battery, replacing the real battery power supply

  High power dc test power supply

  Product model and specification parameters:

Series ANEVT
Voltage grade Model Rated current (A) Peak current(A) Peak current time(S) Rated power (Kw) Peak power (Kw) Peak power time(S)
750V ANEVT750-100 100 150 60 60 90 60
ANEVT750-200 200 300 60 60 90 60
ANEVT750-300 300 450 60 60 90 60
ANEVT750-300 300 450 60 90 140 60
800V ANEVT800-100 100 150 60 60 90 60
ANEVT800-200 200 300 60 60 90 60
ANEVT800-260 260 400 60 60 90 60
ANEVT800-300 300 450 60 90 140 60
ANEVT800-400 400 600 60 120 140 60
ANEVT800-500 500 750 60 160 240 60
ANEVT800-600 600 800 60 250 375 60
ANEVT800-1100 1100 1500 60 500 650 60
1000V ANEVT1000-200 200 280 60 90 135 60
ANEVT1000-300 300 400 60 120 150 60
ANEVT1000-400 400 600 60 160 240 60
ANEVT1000-400 400 600 60 250 320 60
ANEVT1000-500 500 750 60 250 375 60
ANEVT1000-800 800 1100 60 500 600 60
Remarks Other voltages, current levels and power levels can be customized according to customer requirements
Series ANEVT
Input Phase 3-Phase 4-wires+PE
Voltage Phase Voltage:220V±33V, Line Voltage:380V±57V
Frequency 50/60Hz±5Hz
Input power factor ≥0.99
Input current distortion ≤3%
Output Voltage accuracy 0.1%F.S  resolution 0.1V
Current accuracy 0.1%F.S  resolution 0.1A
Source effect 0.1%F.S
Load effect 0.1%F.S
(Vpp) 0.2%F.S
Transient recovery time ≤5ms
Current rise time ≤10ms
Protection function IGBT overheat、IGBT over current、transformer overheat、Input over voltage、Input lack voltage、Bus over voltage、Output over voltage、Output over voltage
Feedback parameters Three-phase line voltage 323~437V
Frequency 45~55Hz
Power factor ≥0.99
Total harmonic content ≤3%
Feedback function Full power segment energy feedback
Display Large screen color LCD
Functions Waveform editing Voltage and Current Slope, Step, Cyclic Control, Jump Control
Emergency stop function With emergency stop button
Soft Start Precharge function
Communication Interface RS232/RS485,CAN
Working environment Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity 10~90%RH
Dimensions and weight Weight 900kG
W×H×D(mm) 1000*1800*1000
Noise   ≤65dB/1m
Altitude range   ≤2000m


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