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AC Source Application in X-Ray Apparatus

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Large Medical Instrument Manufacturers such as Siemens, Philips, GE etc., their products like X-Ray Apparatus, CT machine not only would sell to one country, but to sell to multiple areas that have different electricity standards. Ainuo AC Power Supply could fulfill different standards to provide electricity during manufacturing and testing.
Ainuo AC Power Supply would provide a stable 110V to 200V single phase AC output power with 50/60HZ. The power supply meets the condition of internal resistance below 0.3Ω.
Here is an example from one of our client - Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd. (SSME). SSME requirements:
1. 100V/110V voltage output, 50/60HZ;120V60HZ,127V60HZ, internal resistance under 0.3Ω.
2. Output 240V 50HZ, internal resistance under 0.8Ω.
3. Output 230V 60HZ, internal resistance under 0.8Ω.
4. Output 230V 50HZ, internal resistance under 0.8Ω.
5. Output 200V 50HZ, internal resistance under 0.8Ω.
6. Output 240V 60HZ, internal resistance under 0.8Ω.
7. Equiped with multi-national sockets (as below)

The picture below shows the X-Ray Apparatus (2.5kW). It developed in China, but sell to the global, so it needs our AC Power Supply provide different voltage output for testing.

Before using ours, the client have used an Euro made brand as shown below:


This distribution cabinet was designed to provide several options of output voltage and frequency, as below:
However, this cabinet has one problem, it only can provide 6 outputs of voltage and frequency as set in advanced. Instead of Ainuo product can set output range 1-300V, 45-65HZ continuous adjustable, the previous product can do nothing if a new grid standard need to be added. In addition, as medical instrument requires high accuracy, the standard for stable of power, currency and voltage is higher. As a result, the power supply’s inner resistance should be under a very low benchmark, if not the X-Ray apparatus’ power testing would have an error that not follow the regulation of medical instrument verification. Ainuo product’s resistantce is of mΩ level and more precise than the upper showed intrument.

This shows our AC power supply using at site, customer requires add output leakage protection and equipped with sockets for different countries.
To summarize, the Ainuo AC Power Supply can provide 1-300V, 45-65HZ, so that it could fulfill the requirement of different grids. Easily to set up the voltage and frequency of the grid in a convenient way.