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Motor Test - DC Power Supply Application in Motor Arc Magnet

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When arc magnets be installed to motor, they will need to be magnetization and demagnetization processed. The purpose for magnetization is to get disordered charged particles in order by polarity; and demagnetization is to make next process easier, after magnetization, the arc magnets would be hard to be installation.

Traditional way of doing the magnetization and demagnetization is using transformer and thyristor to provide direct current. Due to the property that thyristor would significantly affect the electrical grid, it is not able to satisfy the test requirement. Then the unstable grid would cause an unstable current, lead to the drop of qualified product ratio. In addition, the power efficiency would be increased from 35% (thyristor) to 85% (switch power supply).

Ainuo AN50 series and AN51 series power supply got volt stabilization and current stabilization functions. Two separate DC power supplies replace the inner power system of equipment to magnetization and demagnetization, and through analog quantity to control the power.
Typical Customers:

Broad-Ocean Motor; Johnson Electric; Welling Motor etc.

 Model Main Functions Application Remarks
AN50 series 35V,60V,120V,330V,630V voltage options,1% in accuracy Workshop Test Shock Resistance
AN51 series 300V,600V,1000V three voltage options,0.15% in accuracy Laboratory Test Non-shock Resistance, high accuracy
AN9636H AC/DC withstand voltage/insulation test Workshop, Laboratory  
AN969 series Withstand voltage, interturn, DC low resistance test Workshop, Laboratory  
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