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Electrical Safety Remote Monitoring and Control System

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ESRS-Client, ESRS-Network, ESRS-Check, ESRS-Eff
1. Local network: server, test terminal, query terminal, set up a local network
2. Data sharing: Test data and test programs are shared locally and on services
3. Remote management: real-time online test data, production efficiency monitoring
4. MES platform: real-time data acquisition, access to Enterprise Manage System (EMS)
The test system consists of AN9652S or AN9651S safety test system and related test software (ESRS-Client, ESRS-Network and ESRS-Check, optional ESRS-Eff). For specification of AN9652S and AN9651S, refer to the relevant documents. The main test software and features are as follows:
1. ESRS-Client implements test control of AN9652S and AN9651S safety analyzer, test data storage, data analysis, report generation and other functions;;
2. ESRS-Network completes the real-time acquisition of test data of safety test system in each production line, writes the data into the server database, and manages the database;
3. ESRS-Check completes the test data query in the server data database, results judgment and data analysis, report generation and other functions;
4. SRS-Eff is production efficiency Kanban software, in addition to ESRS-Client monitoring and control, it also has production plan management, yield statistics and pass rate statistics. At the same time, the monitoring results are displayed on a 42” LCD.
System  Network Topology
The hardware of the system consists of servers, multiple production line AN9652S or AN9651S safety test system and multiple inquiry computers.
ESRS-Clicent Safety monitoring and control software
ESRS-Clicent is installed on the AN9652S or AN9651S safety test system and has the following features:
1. Control the analyzer for safety testing;
2. Real-time save test results to the local database;
3. Real-time query test results and report generation;
4. Product code or bar code query and print (optional).
                 Main screen                                            Test screen

                      Program editing screen
ESRS-Network server data management software
ESRS-Network is installed on the server computer and has the following features:
1. Establish connection with ESRS-Clicent and ESRS-Check to transmit test data;
2. Collect the ESRS-Clicent test data and save it to the database;
3. Save the test program uploaded by ESRS-Clicent;
4. Transfer the test result data required for ESRS-Check;
      ESRS-Network reference screen

ESRS-Check data query software
ESRS-Check is installed on the data view computer and has the following features:
1. Query the test data in the server through filtering the product bar codes etc. and display the test results;
2. Export Word, Excel and other formats report.
3. Monitor the test data by the management, inspection before packaging etc.;
4. Product code or bar code query and print (optional).
                          ESRS-Check reference screen
ESRS-Eff safety monitoring&control efficiency and Kanban software
ESRS-Eff is installed on the AN9652S or AN9651S safety test system and has the following features:
1. ESRS-Client software's functions;
2. ESRS-Eff software proprietary production planning settings, production statistics, pass rate statistics, production cycle calculation and monitoring of production lines and other efficiency factors;
3. 42” LCD dual display: the PC monitor displays the system monitoring and control screen and safety test screen; the LCD displays real-time production efficiency.
Function of CSRE-Client
ESRS-Eff Productivity Kanban Settings Screen
ESRS-Eff Productivity Kanban display screen (LCD)
Note: The test system requires servers of the enterprise, database and field network cabling and other infrastructure support.