AN16310H(F) Series 10kV Electrical Safety Analyzer

AN16310H(F) Series 10kV Electrical Safety Analyzer

    3-in-1: Up to ACW/DCW/IR; High precision: 1% basic accuracy; High voltage: 10kV AC/DC high voltage.

Product Introduction

Ainuo 16310H(F) series 10kV intelligent electrical safety analyzer features high precision, high reliability and informationization, with functions including AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, as well as arc detection, open/short circuit detection, electric shock protection, etc.

The series of products have wide range, with AC withstand voltage of 10kV/40mA, DC withstand voltage of 10kV/10mA and insulation resistance of 2.5kV/50GΩ.

The series of products feature intelligent platforms, informatization and automatic interfaces, to meet requirements for intelligent automatic testing.

The series of products can meet the safety testing requirements of various high-voltage insulation products such as photovoltaic modules, high-voltage relays, wires and cables.


Safe and reliable

  • Main drafting unit of state standards and verification regulations for safety testing products;
  • Nearly 30 years of safety testing expertise and follow-up of industry needs;
  • Complete electromagnetic, environment, load, operating conditions, fatigue test verification;
  • Anti-shock protection, arc detection, open/short circuit detection etc.
Intelligent automatic
  • Smart safety tester: Android system, 7” touch screen, self-learning smart keyboard;
  • Barcode recognition: barcode scanning, program matching, automatic startup, data packing;
  • Data management: local storage, network transmission, direct connection with MES system;
  • Rich interfaces: RS232, USB, LAN, WIFI, PLC, I/O control port.


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