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Multiple Channel Power Analyzer
Product Model:
AN87600(F) Series
Household Appliances, Commercial Appliances, Photovoltaic Inverters, Electric Vehicles, Charging Piles, Switching Power Supply, Transformer, Generator, Inverter, Variable Frequency Motor, Lighting, LED
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Product overview

l  Six-channel simultaneous power analysis

l  Basic accuracy: ±0.1%

l  Measurement bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz

l  Acquisition rate: 200kSps

l  Maximum voltage: standard 1000V, optional 1500V

l  Maximum current: 50A/20A (standard)/10A/5A/2A/1A, support combination, optional sensor

l  LCD display: Full touch screen, custom display items, wave display

l  Data storage: Custom storage items, export in CSV format

l  Perfect size: Standard 3U height, suitable for integration

Man-machine Operation

l  Standby power consumption and power analysis of single-phase/three-phase household appliances and commercial appliances

l  PV inverter power, efficiency, harmonic analysis.

l  Electric vehicles, charging pile electrical performance test.

l  Power electronics, transformers, generator power/harmonic analysis.

l  Inverter, inverter motor power/harmonic analysis.

l  Switching power supply power/harmonic/inrush current analysis.

l  Lighting/LED power analysis

Product features

l  Multi-channel: 1~6-channel synchronous measurement unit, flexibly configured as multi-channel single-phase, three-phase three × 2, three-phase four × 2, four-phase (DC + three-phase three) and other modes for measurement of various loads (air conditioners, inverters, frequency converters, motors);

l  High precision: High-speed FPGA+ARM processor dual-core processing, 16-bit high-speed high-precision AD converter, accuracy of 0.1%, up to 100ms display update cycle;

l  Wide power range: 20A current measurement (optional 50A/10A/5A/2A/1A and other specifications, support combination) per channel, minimum power resolution of 0.1mW, meeting the measurement requirements of standby power consumption and rated power;

l  Wide broadband: AC/DC signal, power measurement bandwidth DC, 0.5~100kHz, suitable for various standard/non-standard sine wave load power measurement;

l  Multi-channel harmonic analysis: Simultaneous harmonic analysis for six-channel, up to 50th harmonic measurement, distortion analysis, visual display of harmonic component of each order and total components;

l  Multi-channel frequency measurement: Simultaneous frequency measurement for six channels;

l  Line filtering: 500Hz, 5.5kHz low-pass filter is used to measure the fundamental wave of PWM wave and filter out the high-frequency interference of switching power supply current;

l  Sensor: Ratio function, normal I-I, V-V voltage/current transformers; I-V current sensors with BNC interface, maximum input voltage of 10V, optional high current sensors;

l  Efficiency calculation: Measurement of input/output energy consumption of the equipment at the same time, and calculate its efficiency;

l  Electric energy accumulation: accumulate forward/reverse electric energy and comprehensive electric energy separately, and measure electric energy for sale and purchase.

Channel configuration

The multi-channel power analyzer can support a variety of wiring methods, including 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3V3A, 3P4W, etc.

Product application

PV inverter power measurement

  • Meet GB/T 37409-2019 Testing specifications for photovoltaic grid-connected inverter

  • Voltage 0~1500V

  • Current: 0~50A/current sensor.

  • Simultaneous measurement of input/output (single-phase/three-phase) power and power factor

  • Automatic efficiency calculation

  • 50th harmonic and distortion analysis

  • Two-way power measurement for buying and selling electricity

Electric vehicle electrical performance measurement

  • Multi-channel to test multi parameters simultaneously: charging station performance, battery charge/discharge performance, power conversion performance, motor performance, etc.

  • AC/DC, maximum current of 50A, extended to larger current sensors.

  • High precision, basic accuracy of 0.1%, minimum power resolution of 0.1mW.

  • Measure AC/DC signal instantaneous RMS, average, peak, electric energy and so on.

Inverter motor, frequency converter power measurement

  • Meet GB12668 standard.

  • Power bandwidth DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz

  • Current: 0~50A/current sensor.

  • Simultaneously measure input and output power

  • 50th harmonic and distortion analysis

Power supply, UPS power measurement

  • Current: 0~1A/2A/5A/10A/20A/50A

  • Power bandwidth DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz

  • Simultaneous measuring input/output (single-phase, three-phase) power, monitoring battery charge/discharge.

  • Automatic efficiency calculation

Home appliance performance evaluation, standby power consumption measurement

  • Meet IEC 62301-2011 standard.

  • Current: 0~1A/2A/5A/10A/20A/50A, measurement of rated power and standby power

  • Minimum power resolution: 0.1mW

  • 50th harmonic and distortion analysis

Lighting, LED power measurement

  • Current: 0~1A/2A/5A/10A

  • Minimum power resolution: 0.1mW

  • Measurement of drive power input/output power, power factor, efficiency

  • 50th harmonic and distortion analysis

Technical specifications

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