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Comprehensive Motor Test Scheme
Product Model:
AN8356(F) Series
used in household brushless motors, electric vehicle motors, fan motors, drone motors, brushless power tools and other industries.
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Product overview

This system is suitable for various types of brushless, servo machine static, air / load dynamic performance test. 

Widely used in household brushless motor, servo motor, electric vehicle motor, fan motor, UAV motor, brushless power tools and other industries.

Product features

l  Broadband: signal detection of 0.5Hz~100KHz ultra-wideband.

l  High accuracy: measurement accuracy of voltage/current up to 0.2%.

l  Efficient: One-time wiring to complete all testing items such as static, no load, Hall signal, etc., high efficiency.

l  One-stop: self-developed AC/DC power supply, convenient and unified before/after sale.

l  Module: Module test unit to avoid interference, and customize single/multi-station, serial/parallel test system as required.

l  Multi ports: USB, RS232, LAN and other ports, PLC simulation, TCP/IP network protocol, etc., to facilitate data interaction and instrument control.

Product application

Test items

  • Motor: withstand voltage, insulation, resistance, back electromotive force, no load, speed, Hall, rotation

Test cases

Technical specifications

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